Scammers have found a compelling way to Rob the Russians


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

Experts Zecurion company specializing in cybersecurity, warned of a new scheme, which is used by scammers to steal money from the cards of Russians. About it write “news”.

Victims receive an SMS with a link to the Federal law No. 167 on the card has been blocked due to the fact that the Bank considered the last transaction is suspicious. To confirm the transaction to the cardholder propose to call the number that’s sent and verify personal data. In particular, victims are asked to dictate the card number and three digit security code from back of card (CVV code). This allows the fraudsters to withdraw money from the card.

The reference to Federal law adds to the message of the Scam credibility, said the head of Zecurion Analytic Vladimir Ulyanov. The fact that some users faced with the fact that their operations blocked Bank transfers must be confirmed by a call to the financial institution. This most often happens with non-client operations, but sometimes this happens due to a system error.

The publication indicates that currently, banks are not allowed to block transfers. Such powers, they will have only the 26 September 2018. If the card still blocked, the customer must contact the Bank and pass identification. Security experts remind that the cardholders must not disclose their data and CVV code to third parties.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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