Schoolboy went on a tour of the prison and found there father


Photo: home of Aroma Humunga in Facebook

In Thailand student during a tour of the prison he met his father and threw himself at his feet. This was told by the organizer of the trip Chunmun arom (Arom Khunmoung) in his post on Facebook.

The incident occurred September 3, in Rayong province during a school trip to jail. The guide noticed that one of the boys suddenly stopped, stared at the prisoner, and burst into tears. “I was surprised that the man started to cry too. I asked the child what was the matter. He replied that he saw his father and very surprised,” wrote Chunmun.

Then the tour guide asked the warden if the father and son to talk. He was allowed, and relatives hugged and continued to cry. “Father was kissing the boy and apologized to him. He promised to be a good person after his release from prison and asked the child to behave well,” added the guide.

The father anxiously asked the boy not whether he be ashamed before her classmates. The child replied in the negative and rushed at his feet.

It is reported that the child lives with his grandmother and his mother went to work in the capital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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