The airline has separated gay in front of straight people


Photo: Bayne Stanley /

Taiwanese airline EVA Air has not allowed a couple of homosexuals with a child together to pass the gate. About it reports “Interfax”.

Jeff Cobb, his spouse and their 19-month-old daughter traveled from San Francisco to Taipei. When it was their turn to go through the plane, the airline personnel announced that only one of them can go to the salon with the child, and the other will have to wait. “They said per company policy, only one parent can accompany the child. We agreed, because never before did not fly with EVA Air”, — said Cobb.

However, as soon as Cobb’s daughter went to the landing, his husband said that these rules did not apply to heterosexual couples. “On the plane he said that he saw other families going together. I’m terribly disappointed that EVA Air thinks it’s okay to break up gay families,” — protested the man.

Representatives from EVA Air apologized to the pair and called the incident a misunderstanding. They also promised to make sure such incidents do not recur in future.

In July, the passenger gay David Cooley stated that his seat partner on a flight with Alaska Airlines that a straight couple could sit together. “We were sitting in the reserved seats when the flight attendant came up to us and asked my partner to move from his seat in the premium class to economy class, and so another couple could sit together,” said the man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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