The girl was married to the beloved corpse before his funeral


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In the Philippines, heartbroken girl married a dead man. This was reported by news portal Coconuts.

The ceremony was held in the city of Cauayan, province of Isabela. 19-year-old Filipina Sarin (Zyrine) came for the funeral of his beloved Jake, Anthony Macadangdang (Jake Anthony Macadangdang) bridesmaid dress. She said over his body vows and put the ring on your finger. The second ring Sarin put on the arm of the groom, because his fingers were stiff, and wear the decoration on them was not possible.

According to the family code of the Philippines, marriage is not concluded if one of the partners did not give voluntary consent. About post-mortem marriage it does not mention.

Her fiance was killed last month by a businessman named Aaron Christian Reyes (Aaron Christian Reyes). He crashed his car in Macadangdang and his friends, who were traveling on motorcycles. They quarreled and got into a bar fight. In the accident in addition to boys eight people were injured.

Macadangdang just finished school and looking for work abroad. He met with Sarin from school, and her family is very loved him, and therefore allowed to have an unusual ceremony.

Posthumous marriage is legal in France, similar ceremonies are conducted in the Sudan and China. In France the family unit is registered retroactively to the date to which the bridegroom or the bride died. A marriage application is submitted to the President, and the applicant must be valid reasons such as the presence of a child in common. Such marriage does not entail the right to inherit without a will in favor of the living spouse, and believes the lack of any matrimonial property.

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