The priest wanted to cash in on the neckline of the brides


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Venetian priest Cristiano Bobbo suggested to impose a tax on candid wedding outfits. About it reports The Telegraph.

Bobbo noticed that lately the girls wear dresses with too much cleavage, turning the ceremony into the Church in a secular event. According to the priest, to enter into marriage should be in simple clothes, which he considers a manifestation of good taste.

“You can set the tax, the amount of which will depend on the depth of the cut on the dress of the bride. Those who look vulgarae will pay more,” he said.

Bobby called his proposal “a comic provocation”, but added that the establishment of “decency tax” is exactly what he wanted to do.

In September, the journalists of the Daily Mail has collected the opinions of guests about the latest wedding trends and published the most hated of them. First came the “boring” strapless gown, which “expresses the individuality of the bride.” “They say that these dresses are traditional but they are just outdated, they are from the 90’s. In the history there were many other great designs, and there is no one with open shoulders and flared skirt,” said one of the guests.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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