Woman-transgender with “too male voice” blocked Bank


Photo: home of Sophia Reis Facebook

Transgender Sophia rice (Sophia Reis) complained to the Bank that has locked her account and card because of “no corresponding floor to vote.” This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

A resident of Nottingham, English County Nottinghamshire, said that in November of 2017 informed the Bank about the change of sex. According to 47-year-old race, the Bank has changed all the documents and she had no problems until August 30. On this day, she has not passed the security check on the phone, and it did not translate to the other 72 pounds (about 6.3 thousand). The next day, Reyes found that her card was not working.

The woman went to the Bank, where she explained that her voice sounds “too male” and because of inconsistencies with its female profile in the Protocol security account was blocked. The operator during the test call, ignored her words that she is a transgender woman. “I cried our eyes out, and I’m not someone who cries a lot. But when all this has befallen me, and only because of the fact that I wanted to transfer the money… I felt that I was treated unfairly” she said. In the end, account and card was unlocked.

Perturbed, Reyes said that the Bank employees should be more flexible in relation to the people: “And if you call the client with cancer of the larynx? You can’t see the person on the other end of the line.” Bank spokeswoman apologized to the woman and offered her compensation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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