A series of failures deprived the pensioner of a large cash win


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A resident of the British town of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, lost a big win in the lottery because of injuries and as a result almost died in the fire. This is the website of Grimsby Live.

The failures of the 78-year-old Barry Enderby began when he was riding a Bicycle and collided with a car that suddenly switched lanes and turned in front of him. The pensioner fell, hurt my leg and forgot about the lottery that was played every week.

At the last moment, Enderby noticed his mistake, and hastened to do the lottery. Bike was broken so he had to hobble on a bad leg. As a result, he was 15 minutes late and did not have time to participate in the drawing. Soon declared the results of the draw. What had fallen were those numbers that always pointed pensioner: a room of his house and the birthdays of daughters. He could win 10 thousand pounds ($877 thousand).

Friends decided to comfort the saddened Enderby and took him to the pub. After returning home, the pensioner put the pan of potatoes on the stove and dozed off. As he slept, the kitchen caught fire, but he was awakened by a fire alarm. “I splashed the water on the stove. It was the worst thing I could do,” he says. His efforts have led to the fact that the flames soared even higher, melted the fan exhaust and ruined the ceiling. Helped firefighters, which has caused the neighbors.

In August it was reported that a resident of the state of new York Mary Wilson (Mary Wilson) for many years celebrated in the lottery ticket to her dream numbers and won a million dollars.

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