A student found in new shoes tab by money


Photo: Ella Gilman

A student from the UK found purchased online Shoe envelope, in which lay a thousand pounds. It is reported by The Sun.

19-year-old Ella Gilman (Gilman Ella) from Manchester bought on eBay a couple of athletic shoes and find money inside, immediately contacted the seller. It turned out that the former owner of the goods, Hazelden Laura (Laura Hazeldine) from Brighton, really once hid a large amount of in shoes and forgot about it.

Gilman sent the money back, and after half an hour they were at Chatelin. The seller was shocked with how the fair turned out to be British. “She literally gave me back my faith in humanity,” she admitted.

As thanks Chatelin returned to the customer the cost of sneakers on eBay, as well as endowed her with discount coupons.

“I don’t think there are many people who have actually contacted me to tell me that he found in running shoes for a thousand pounds. She even sent me a picture of a check from the Bank”, — said Haselen.

The customer explained what motivated her act of kindness: according to her, if she lost such a large sum of money, I would be happy to have her back.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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