Became known date of the catastrophic failure of the Internet


Photo: Saurabh Das / AP

Corporation on management of domain names and IP addresses (ICANN) announced that on October 11 may fail in the work of the global network. This is stated in the official statement published on the organization’s website.

Representatives of the organization said that on this day the change of cryptographic keys for the protection of the domain name system. Because of this, some web users may experience difficulties with access to a number of web pages. It is reported that such process will be held for the first time in history.

Corporation for assigned names published a guide that will help everyone prepare for the updates.

According to the results of the preliminary analysis, 99 percent of users this process will not affect. However, a small proportion of users the problem is still affected. Experts said that every person will understand if you become a victim of technical changes. Within 48 hours after the upgrade he gets the error messages: for example, server failure, or SERVFAIL. As published on the website of management to help solve the problem will the operator.

Staff clarified that the October 11, 2018 — tentative date of the change of keys. The Board of the organization must approve it in September.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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