Caucasians imposed a tribute to the capital’s taxi drivers outside the interior Ministry


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

Simonovsky court of Moscow issued a verdict against the defendant Shamkhan Daut-Merzaeva and two of his friends, who exacted tribute with the taxi drivers who worked near the building of MIA of Russia. On Thursday, September 6, reports “Rosbalt”.

According to investigators, three men, “acting within an organized group threatening the use of violence and damage to property,” received from the taxi drivers of several million rubles. Defendants found guilty of more than 12 crimes under article 163 of the criminal code (“Extortion”).

To the native of Chechnya Samano Daut-Merzaevu and native of Ingushetia Islam Pugaeva was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment each. Their accomplice maksatbek of Mederbekov received eight years in prison.

According to a source publication, in 2016, the police asked the taxi driver who works near the metro station “Shabolovskaya.” He said that the drivers working nearby, paying tribute to the natives of the North Caucasus. All this happened near the house №6 along the street Shabolovka. Previously it was based Metropolitan Regional Directorate for combating organized crime (RUBOP), and is currently used as a municipal Office of economic security and combating corruption (Webirc).

As the “Rosbalt”, the first taxi drivers pay convicts for the safety of 200 rubles a day per person, then — 800 rubles per day. Collected all the money one of the taxi drivers, or translated into a specified him a card or gave the person Shamkhan Daut-Merzaeva, which also was engaged in private carrying.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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