Employee of the interior Ministry and wished death who fled from Uzbekistan in Russia gay


Photo: Aleksandrodar / “Kommersant”

The lawyers of the group “Stimulus” protecting the rights of the LGBT community, filed a complaint with the interior Ministry of Russia after the employee of the Moscow management office for the migration humiliated the applicant is a gay man from Uzbekistan, said “Now”.

According to the organization, HIV-positive citizen of Uzbekistan addressed to the immigration office with a request to recognize him as a refugee. In response, the employee of the Ministry of interior called him a “shame society”, “sputnikom” and “dog,” said that “she was sorry for that therapy invented”, and expressed the desire to put “all the wall”. In addition, she began to feel nostalgic for the days when the USSR homosexuality was considered a crime. “Under Stalin, it was all good,” she said. The audio conversation is at the disposal of the channel.

The lawyer of organization Anton Ryzhov, representing the interests of refugee, noted that in Uzbekistan homosexuality is a criminal offence for which you can get three years in prison. He said that he had filed a complaint on behalf of several gay men from Turkmenistan, Nigeria and Syria against the Agency, which was an insult to the refugees and prevent them representatives in asylum in Russia.

In mid-August, the government of the Ulyanovsk region refused to hold Russia’s first permitted gay pride parade. The LGBT community wanted to hold it in the Apple village with a population of 8 employees and coordinated the event with the head of administration, but higher officials canceled it, without giving reasons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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