Giraffe bitten to death a three year old child with her mother


Photo: Sam Williams

Giraffe attacked a woman and her three year old son in a game reserve Blyde Wildlife Estate in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Reported by the Mirror.

A pair of British scientists Katie and Sam Williams with his son Finn were in South Africa on a working trip. The female giraffe, which walked with a two-month baby at home Williams, suddenly attacked a woman with a child and bites them.

The head of the family was returning from work when he saw it happening. The man managed to pull the animal and immediately called the ambulance.

The mother and son was so seriously injured that they had helicopters to get to a hospital in Johannesburg. Both underwent surgery and are at present in stable, but critical condition. According to one version, the giraffe was frightened and attacked a woman with a child because of their sudden appearance.

In August, seven-year-old swimmer, a multiple winner of the competition of Gaia Trimarchi died from the “bite” jellyfish during a family holiday in the Philippines. The incident occurred when Gaia dive for shells. According to her mother, the girl was attacked by a dangerous box jellyfish: she was spotted fishing near the locals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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