In Russia, invented the engine with vodka


Photo: Svobodat / Wikimedia

Samara scientists at the national research University named after Sergei Korolev developed the engine for nanosatellites working on vodka (40% aqueous solution of ethyl alcohol). About it reports TASS.

“As a working body of the propulsion system scientists have proposed the mixture of distilled water and ethyl alcohol. Low molecular weight water allows to obtain a high velocity of the steam and, respectively, high speed maneuvering. And add alcohol (about 40% of mixture) prevents freezing of the working fluid at low temperatures in earth orbit,” — said in the press release of the University.

Maximum mass of the fully fueled propulsion system will be 1.55 kg. The expected combined impact speed of at least 80 meters per second. The developers note that such engines can be put on any CubeSat nanosatellite.

Samara University is the developer of nanosatellite SamSat-218, which went into orbit in April 2016 during the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome. Soon the satellite signal was lost. According to one version, the signal loss could be associated with a strong rotation of the apparatus around its axis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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