In the depths of Jupiter found a mysterious structure


Photo: NASA / ESA / E. Karkoschka

Scientists in the US and Denmark have built a detailed map of Jupiter’s magnetic field, including that part of it that is within the depth of the atmosphere. The field was asymmetrical and not like the earthly counterpart. A clear explanation of its structure yet. About it reported in a press release on Science Alert.

It is known that Jupiter’s magnetic field is 20 thousand times stronger than Earth, much more the difference between the diameters of these two planets (the diameter of Jupiter is about 11 times larger than the Earth). Planetary scientists know that the magnetic field of the gas giant has an unusual structure due to the presence in the depths of the atmosphere of metallic hydrogen, a substance composed under high pressure hydrogen atoms and exhibiting metallic properties.

The researchers analyzed data obtained during the eight spans of the Juno probe over the North and South pole of Jupiter. This allowed us to map the magnetic field extending into the planet for 10 thousand kilometers. It turned out that it comes from a vast region in the Northern hemisphere and enters the narrow area, located South of the equator, at a point called the Great Blue Spot. In other places Jupiter’s field is much weaker.

According to scientists, early maps of the magnetic field of the giant planet resembled a map of the Earth’s field, which largely corresponds to the dipole, i.e. the position of the magnet poles coincide with the geographic poles. There are other structures, which are evenly distributed in both hemispheres. In the case of Jupiter’s non-dipole components are concentrated only in the Northern hemisphere. However, none of the existing theories did not predict the real structure of magnetic field of the gas giant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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