Meghan Markle was forbidden to look at his feet when walking down stairs


Photo: Alfonso Jimenez / REX / Shutterstock

Expert on Royal etiquette Mika Mayer explained why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are obliged to keep the chin parallel to the floor exclusively, even when they go down the stairs. It is reported by The Sun.

“Chin parallel to the floor helps to maintain good posture when you are standing, sitting and even walking down the stairs. If you head down, or, on the contrary, it too pulled up, the feeling that you’re careless or you’re not interested — said Meyer.

“Usually, the stairs down is your appearance in the evening and the formation of first impressions, when everyone is looking at you and taking pictures,” she added.

According to her, wives of British princes are obliged to follow this rule. Moreover, in men it is spread the same way as women. Meyer noted that the rules of etiquette when a woman comes down the stairs in heels, in front has to go man to support her if required.

In August Mika Mayer said that women do from the Royal family to their skirts never ridden in windy weather. “They often wear bodysuits and other clothing from materials which are strongly electrified, and do not give the dress to take off. If you are wearing something of thick heavy fabric, electrified fabric under clothes — a great way to not allow the wind to raise her skirt,” explained Meyer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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