Named the delicious, doctor’s sausage


Photo: Dmitry Rogulin / TASS

Expert center consumers Union (Roskontrol) conducted a study of the quality of doctoral sausage. A copy of the results available to the “”.

The study examined five brands of sausage: “Dymov”, “West Malling”, “Klinskoe”, “Eremina Tatiana” and “Meat house of Borodino”.

The composition of the doctoral sausage is written in Guest. It should contain pork, beef, chicken eggs, cow’s milk. Registered as content of protein and fat and nutritional value.

In the studied samples, the experts found violations. So, in the sausage “VELCOM” and “Meat house Borodin” protein content was less than the minimum allowable value of 12 grams. Besides, the latest brand uses vegetable carbohydrate component that is not specified in the composition.

In all brands real nutritional value differed from specified on the package. All samples comply with standards for microbiological and physico-chemical parameters.

Also was tested the taste of the sausage. The “smokes” found astringent taste, and “Eremkina Tatiana” is not a pronounced aroma of spices.

The study in the black list “Roskontrol” got a sausage “Meat house of Borodino”. “Wellcome” is designated as the goods observations. Sausage “Dymov”, “Klin” and “Eremkina tat” is recognized as a safe and appropriate Standard.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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