Named the wealthiest families in Russia


Michael Guariento: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

A rating of the richest families in Russia according to the magazine Forbes in 2018 has headed a clan of Mikhail Gutseriev. The General condition of the family is estimated to 5.97 billion dollars. Last year, according to the magazine, belonged to the family of 9.91 billion.

This year the clan left Gutseriev, Mikhail Shishkhanov, who headed the financial direction of the group. When the “divorce” he received a b & n, and all preference shares of “RussNeft” and 49 percent of the shares of the construction company “A101”. Despite the loss of assets, the Gutseriev family was able to maintain a leading position in the ranking. B & n in September 2017 fell under the reorganization of the Central Bank and transferred to the state.

As stated in the publication, “a place of one’s nephew took the other one.” Bilan Uzhakhov after leaving shishkhanova received 10 percent of the shares of “M. Video” and the post of General Director of the company.

Second place was maintained Rotenberg. Their combined wealth grew to 4.85 billion (in 2017, it was estimated at 4.2 billion dollars). As noted, family business still hamper the sanctions. As the family grows, but has not yet reached the level of four years ago — of 5.55 billion dollars.

Third place went to the family of Valentina and Denis Gapontsev with a combined fortune of 3.14 billion dollars. Valentin Gapontsev, IPG Photonics is headed by his son Denis is a private investor. Last year the third place was occupied by the brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananeva. Once they are owned by PSB came under the reorganization of the Central Bank, they shared assets and was eliminated from the ranking.

The rest of the family in the ranking was as follows: Shaimieva (fourth place), Rakhimkulova (fifth place), Sarkisov (sixth place), Samalova (seventh place), Bagaeva (eighth place), Magomedov (ninth place), Sobecka (tenth place).

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