Rudeness in a conversation with a policeman deprived tourists 10 thousand dollars


Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

In the U.S. city of Charles town, West Virginia, police took tourists 10 thousand dollars and three months refused to return. This is the website

In early June, Dimitrios Parlies and Tonya Smith went to Charles town to visit a gambling house. A few days a couple from new Jersey won in the casino more than ten thousand dollars was not going to stop there.

On the outskirts of town, their car was stopped by a policeman. He checked the driver’s license, ordered sitting behind the wheel the man out of the car and asked: “How much do you have money?” He refused to answer: “This question asked by thieves, not the police”.

Then the guard put on the driver handcuffed and kicked out of the car his pregnant wife and called for reinforcements with a dog to search for drugs. Despite the absence of a search warrant, two hours he searched the car along with another policeman.

After failing to find contraband, they took away Parlies and Smith 10478 dollars and gift cards many casinos that seemed suspicious to them, then released. On returning home, the couple left two dollars.

All summer they seek the truth and feared that will never see the winnings. As the newspaper notes, the West Virginia law enforcement agencies have the right to confiscate any property if there is reason to suspect that it was used or could be used to violate the laws of the state.

Spouses could not get police response, yet their history is not interested in a member of the city Council of Charles Town. Then about the missing 10 thousand wrote in a local newspaper. Only after that the couple called the police and reported that in their actions the crime structure, so you can collect money.

Although the selected property is managed to get back players from new Jersey are still outraged. “In this state of a foot, said Smith. — I still get nervous when I see police. In what has become a country in which we live?”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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