Russian region healed by the Soviet model


Photo: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

The Governor of the Irkutsk region, a member of the Communist party Sergei Levchenko announced the transition region to the Gosplan — the Soviet analogue of planning key tasks for a period of five years, RBC.

It is noted that the head of the region has already created a Committee on state planning in Irkutsk region. According to Levchenko, the five-year planning Committee will include several blocks of industrial, social, transport, science and so on.

“If we talk about the principles — coordination of different sectors, the forecasting principles of the current planning Commission and that which was in the Soviet Union, similar,” confirmed the Governor.

However, he noted that the full match is not possible, since times have changed a lot. In particular, planning of work of the enterprises of power will be affected not directly, but through the measures of state support and tax regimes.

Against such innovations are Irkutsk “United Russia” and regional legislative Assembly. The speaker of the legislative Assembly Sergei Brilka called it a “political bluff”. According to him, the state planning Commission was contrary to Federal law about strategic planning.

In 2017, the Institute for social policy of the HSE and the Institute of sociology conducted a study, which found that more than half of Russians do not trust private business and prefer the economy with state planning.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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