The boy played with a laser pointer and blind


Photo: Emma Carson

In the UK the student disobeyed mother and almost completely lost his sight after playing with the laser pointer. According to the Mirror, the boy sent a beam into each eye.

The incident happened in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, South East England. In late August, the 39-year-old Emma Kerson (Emma Carson) succumbed to the entreaties of a nine year old son Archie and got him a laser pointer beam green. She told the boy never point the laser in his eye, but his curiosity was stronger.

Shortly thereafter, the boy complained of dark spots before the eyes. First, Kerson did not attach any importance to this: “I thought he showed the same effect that happens when I stare at a light bulb”. Only a few days later, when Kerson understand that the child does not distinguish between faces and road signs, she took him to the doctor.

Examination by an ophthalmologist showed that the boy received serious burns to the retina of the two eyes, and on the right and completely burned the fundus. Because of this it fell sharply vision, and x-rays it looked “like a trace of bullet”. Burn even changed the child’s eye color: dark green they become light green.

Due to damage Archie can’t read, recognize faces, play sports and even go the road alone. He sees things only at a distance of one step. Everything else he closed the black spots. The doctors told his mother that because of the seriousness of the injuries, the child’s vision is unlikely to recover.

An angry woman is planning to sue the store and believes that the sale of pointers should be banned. “I never thought that store-bought toys thing can be so dangerous. And they still have not removed them from sale! Laser pointers are comparable with weapons, if they can cause such severe damage so quickly,” she said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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