The Chinese are thinking about “historical place” Siberia


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Chinese news service Jinri toutiao published an article in which the author resents the reluctance of residents of the Russian Siberia to China to sell wood.

“In the past, Siberia was occupied by the Mongolian ancestors and, in principle, is the territory of China,” the article says. The author mentions that the residents of the region, rich in timber, created a petition, which demanded the authorities to prohibit China from buying Russian forest within ten years.

In China, a similar initiative has caused a wave of discontent. “The timber trade between Russia and China have always been built on the principles of honesty and fairness without cheating of blackmail. Is it fair to blame such things in China?” asked by a Chinese journalist.

Probably talking about the petition on the website The author urged to enter restrictions according to which “wood should be dealt with only in Russia and only the people of our country”. The petition was signed by more than 639 thousand people.

“The territory belonged to China, and then moved to another country. It is depressing, the Chinese people and hurt their feelings. If they really want to, then China may stop buying Russian timber. But in this case, after a few years, the Russian people would regret it. In the end, it is a country which is always a little”, — concludes the author.

In 2017, Russia was the leader in the timber supply in China. It accounts for about 30 percent of Chinese imports of wood and timber.

Jinri Toutiao or Toutiao is a news service in which the content is ranked by using technologies based on artificial intelligence. In September 2017 the number of users per day has reached 120 million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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