The doctor is sued because of a stupid WhatsApp messages


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The inhabitant of Saudi Arabia has filed a lawsuit against the administrator of the group in WhatsApp messenger, which it without asking included. StepFeed reported, citing local media.

The man told reporters that was added to the group without their consent and during the day received email. They were “stupid video, fake news and rumors”. “They kept sending useless annoying messages and wasted my time,” the Daily Mail quoted a disgruntled user.

The plaintiff works as a doctor in the group he was added shortly after he made the Hajj —the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Know the man personally with the administrator of the group, not specified.

Lawyer Khaled Abu Rashed noted that the courts in Saudi Arabia consider such statements, but their success is not guaranteed. “If the plaintiff fails to prove that he had suffered from something negative, because it was added to the group WhatsApp, the judge may dismiss the case,” said the lawyer.

Users in Saudi Arabia have estimated different the act of the national. “He doesn’t have time on WhatsApp, but there is a time for the submission of claims?”, — surprised one of the commentators. Some also wondered why the “victim” is simply not left the group, to which it is added.

In April, the experts found that personal data of participants in group chats in WhatsApp are not safe. Anyone can collect them in the database, including mobile phone numbers, as well as images, videos and links that users shared in the chat.

In June in India, the residents of one of the States has received a WhatsApp message that in their region are operating 500 criminals, who pretend to be poor, kill people and take away the bodies of the victims. The crowd of rural people beat several innocent people who were really poor. The police, joining the WhatsApp group, found that the fake information to send three men and arrested them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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