The groom died two hours after the wedding


Claire and Danny Eslite: page Danny Emsley in Facebook

A UK resident died two hours after his wedding. About the incident, reports Daily Mail.

Danny Emsley and his bride Claire were married on August 17. The wedding took place in a Spa hotel near the town of Wetherby in the North of the country. The celebration was attended by 80 relatives and friends of the couple.

23:30 Danny rose in the room for the couple, and Claire was still at the party. An hour later she went to see him and turned back to the guests, while the groom was still alive. When the woman returned to the room at 1:30, then found that her husband died. She ran out of the room and began to call for help. The door to the room slammed shut, the guests had to beat her. They called emergency services, but Danny failed to save.

The deceased was 37 years. Family friends say the man was healthy. The police considers his death as suspicious. 35-year-old widow wrote on his page in Facebook that is not how to live without her beloved husband.

In August it was reported the bride in China, that died right during the wedding ceremony. The woman was sick with leukemia, the wedding took place in the hospital. In the Philippines the girl “married” for a dead beloved, who was murdered shortly before the event. The girl came to the funeral in her wedding dress, said over the body of the oath of allegiance, wore the one ring upon his finger, and the second put into the hands of “the groom”.

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