The Russians blamed the weakness of the economy


Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Problems of Russian companies related to the culture of consumption in the country. In an interview with RBC said Professor of industrial engineering, University of Michigan, author of “Dao Toyota” Jeffrey Liker.

“Russia is a country that is built from the top down: the people you admire strong, tough leaders. In this case, you have come to expect from a high level of service: under the Soviet government people to stand in queues to buy household goods, and Russian subconsciously agree on bad service just to get what you need. As a result, the companies themselves do not seek to improve processes and work with the customer,” — said the economist.

According to him, this prevents the implementation in the companies of lean production, which ultimately affects their effectiveness on the economy as a whole.

However, said Liker, the mentality is not homogeneous for the whole country — it may vary in some regions, for example, in Moscow.

As an example, he cited Toyota, which spent several years on the implementation of its corporate standards in the Russian office. “The company could agree to a compromise in the spirit of “let the Russian branch works, how can we not expect much from him”. But the Japanese have a blood thirst for perfection, and they could not be satisfied with this,” said Liker.

In the book “Dao Toyota”, published in 2004, the economist stated the result of his many years of studies of Japanese corporate culture.

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