Ukrainian politicians convicted visits Crimea


Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Politicians and officials from Ukraine secretly go to rest in the Crimea. About it RIA Novosti said the head of Committee of Parliament on health-resort complex and tourism Alexey Chernyak.

“They don’t shy away from Crimea. They quietly went, go and will go. They come, of course, not through the checkpoints in the North of Crimea, and fly via Moscow. Many officials and deputies are in Crimea, own real estate, many of them come here, and not just in the summer,” he said.

According to him, Ukrainian politicians know why Crimea decided to join Russia. “Ukrainians coming to Crimea, see one picture: how the region is developing as the region is transformed in the eyes,” he added.

A day earlier, on September 5, people’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Oppositional block” Eugene balitchi said that he had spent part of a vacation in the Crimea. He said that the majority of Crimeans don’t want to go back to Ukraine because the coup, the propaganda of nationalism and the incident with the burning of people in Odessa in 2014.

Crimea became part of Russia in a referendum held in March 2014. Then almost 100 percent of the residents supported this decision. Ukraine does not recognize the current status of the region, considering that Russia annexed the Crimea, agreed with her a number of Western countries. Moscow insists that the accession process of the region conform to the norms of international law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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