Users of PornHub discussed Jesus, politics and “bloopers”



The British journalist Mick Wright published an article devoted to reviews on pornosayte PornHub. He drew attention that users are discussing rollers under the policy, joke and find the “bloopers”.

Wright showed one of the Actresses comments to her video: in the thread of the 35 messages users write about Jesus and even give the full text of the prayer in Latin. The girl admitted that she had not read the comments before and wondered what he saw.

The journalist writes that most commentators do not discuss the sex scenes, and the sets and gaps in the story. “This guy was delivering pizza hour. Most of the pizzerias that I know of, offer for that free pizza. She needs to call and complain,” — writes user under the name OGtan.

Wright recalls a special section on Reddit dedicated to funny comments from PornHub. Having more than 230 thousand people.

Representatives of the porn site in question about how they relate to this story, said that the comments section is a popular channel for users to interact with each other and with the authors of the video.

Users of PornHub sometimes find support in the comments. In October 2017 the visitor with the nickname dddasss complained of depression in the comments to an adult video and unexpectedly met with understanding by the other viewers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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