A tourist fell off a cliff and died during a selfie at the waterfall


Photo: Tracy Barbutes / Globallookpress.com

The young man fell off a cliff, doing a selfie in Yosemite national Park in California, USA. Reported by ABC News.

The authorities did not disclose the details of the death of the tourist, but said that they were 18-year-old citizen of Israel Tomer Frankfurter.

The mother of the deceased told that her son had slipped on the edge of a 250-meter waterfall Nevada, when he tried to take a picture on the background.

The body of the Frankfurter brought to Israel for burial.

In may, the network appeared the video, which depicted how of selfies tourists from India fell from the top of the waterfall. 24-year-old Subrat Naga visited with your friends, the waterfall of Gali Gaidar in Koraput, India, and wanted to be photographed in front of landmarks. However, during shooting the guy slipped and fell from a height of 15 meters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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