Boris Johnson two months lost his job and wife


Boris Johnsonphoto: Ben Stevens /

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson is divorcing his wife after 25 years of marriage. The couple divorced a few months ago, the reason for the breakup were numerous infidelity of Johnson, writes Daily Mail.

Johnson and his wife Marina released a joint statement which explained that a few months ago “General interests” made the decision to leave. The couple have four children.

According to Daily Mail, the reason for divorce became the betrayal of Johnson. 25-year-old daughter of the former Minister of Lara at a party called him a “selfish bastard”, adding that “my mom broke up with him”. “His family problems was never a secret,” — said the publication in the environment of Johnson.

The couple twice already diverged because of changes Johnson. In 2004, he had an affair with writer Petronella Wyatt, and in 2009 was born the illegitimate child of art consultant Helen McIntyre.

9 July 2018 Johnson filed his resignation as foreign Minister because of disagreement about the exit of Britain from the European Union. The politician is a supporter of “hard Brexit”. The former head of the foreign office is considered to be one of the possible contenders as the new leader of the Conservative party of Britain, which is now headed by acting Prime Minister Theresa may.

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