Buttock augmentation were dangerous to life


Chloe Fanfoto: @chloe.khan

A popular procedure for buttock augmentation Brazilian bum turned out to be life-threatening. It is reported by The Sun.

The newspaper told about the fate of two women, one of which faced dire consequences after the procedure and the second died. The first victim — a 21-year-old winner of an international lottery EuroMillions Jane Park got sepsis due to an error during the procedure. “It’s a hell of suffering. I know that the beauty demands victims, but it is intolerable,” she said.

Another woman — the mother of three children, Lea, Cambridge — died during the procedure, which was held in Turkey on August 29. The exact cause of her death is still not established. “A couple of days ago, I was happy. And now I’m broken, and always will. I am very hurt, and this is only the beginning. My life is over,” commented the husband of Cambridge’s 31-year-old Scott Franks.

Procedure bum Brazilian is held in four stages, each of which costs about $ 260. On assurances of the creators, except for buttock augmentation, the procedure helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, eliminates stretch marks and cellulite.

In August, a member of the British reality show Love Island Emma-Jane Wadhams used the death of a mother of many children who died during the procedure, Brazilian bum, to advertise slimming corset in your Instagram profile.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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