Fat cat fell off the balcony and sent the Italian to the hospital


Photo: Alex Edelman / Globallookpress.com

In Italy, the man filed a lawsuit against the owner of the cat, who fell on his head and hurt his neck. This was reported by the newspaper Corriere della sera.

The incident occurred in Turin in the North of the country. 56-the summer man went on the market when it from the balcony of the eighth floor collapsed cat weighing 5.8 kg. The animal died on the spot and seriously injured the Italian was immediately hospitalized. He was diagnosed with severe damage to the neck and spine.

Italian has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the cat, accusing it of lack of control over the animal and causing bodily harm through negligence. The prosecution believes that she made insufficient efforts to avoid the animal jump from the balcony. The woman has already paid the fine to the municipal authorities for the fact that I overlooked for the pet.

In late August it was reported the British student, whose trip to the mountains ended in the hospital because of fallen on him from the cliff of the sheep. The animal in the fall was not injured, and the boy was treated on the spot, then carried on a stretcher to the road where he took the ambulance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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