Happy Mask with a shoal went on memes


Frame: Telegram channel Mash

Netizens have ridiculed Elon musk who has used marijuana during the interview Joe Rohan’. On Reddit they declared a photoshop battle, which would process the image of a businessman with pot in his hands.

Visitors to the forum have fantasized, where the appropriate Mask looked like this. The ironic part of the picture was dedicated to his work. Nick assumed that this is what the billionaire may launch a new car brand Tesla.

A joke “fit” of a businessman in famous movies. So, the Mask became the partner of uma Thurman in the film pulp fiction, and took the place of the hero al Pacino with cocaine in “Scarface”.

Image: Imgur 1/6

One of the users noted the similarity of the Mask on the screenshot of the ether with the famous portrait of Winston Churchill, where the Prime Minister is depicted with a cigar. His work he called “Sir Elon Churchill”.

Musk has used marijuana and drank her whiskey live podcast Joe Rogan Experience. Against this background, the shares of Tesla have dropped in price.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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