Honest taxi driver returned a lost ring for 25 thousand dollars


Picture: SBS / YouTube

The taxi driver helped the resident of the Australian city of Perth to find a lost engagement ring worth 25 thousand Australian dollars (about 1.3 million). It is reported by SBS.

Taxi led Singh Dillon (Singh Dhillon) is an Indian student who came to Australia on an exchange program, and in his spare time moonlighting as a taxi driver. He drove Thomas Carlton (Carlton Thomas) who is in a hurry left the car in my ring.

Carlton noticed missing until later and didn’t know what happened to the ring. He checked a few places, but it was gone. “It could be a disaster, because the insurance ran out just a day ago,” the man says.

Having exhausted all the ideas he talked to the cab company. At his request, the Manager reported that he saw Dillon. The driver checked the car, found the lost ring and took it to the owner. Carlton was happy and offered money, and when Dillon refused the award, slipped it into the pocket 50 dollar bill (2.5 thousand rubles).

The taxi driver explained that just doing my job. “I don’t care about the price, because it is my duty to return what does not belong to me,” he says. According to him, this is not the first story about the honesty of taxi drivers and definitely not the last.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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