Moving Medvedeva in Canada found an explanation


Elena Bujanovac: Mikhail Mokrushin / RIA Novosti

The coach of the Olympic champion Adeline Sotnikova Elena Buyanova explained why the figure skater Evgeny Medvedev decided to move to Toronto to work with Brian Orser. Her words leads RIA Novosti.

“Every athlete, when Mature, has the right to decide their fate. If you leave from the coach — so he is uncomfortable. Deep down, we, the coaches, always understand why leaving us. Because just because no one leaves. And the athlete would always choose where it is better,” said Buyanova.

According to the coach, Medvedev and Alina Sagitova will be the leaders in women’s figure skating in the new season. “All somehow will try to measure up to each other, to the new rules. The backbone of the next Olympics will begin to take shape a little later,” she said.

In may 2018 Medvedev went from coach Eteri Tutberidze. Skater moved to Canada, where she began to work with Orser.

At the Olympic games in Pyeongchang Medvedev has twice won the silver medal. The gold in figure skating, the athlete lost to compatriot Aline Sagitova. On account of the skater also two victories at the world Championships.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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