Named the most expensive insured event with Russian tourists


Photo: Axel Schmidt / Reuters

The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported on the most expensive insurance event, which occurred with Russian tourists in 2018.

July 27, residing in Germany, a resident of Chelyabinsk appealed to the insurance company ERV with complaint of acute chest pain. The woman was taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed a heart attack and performed emergency heart surgery. In this hospital did not have the right equipment, and the patient was moved to another medical facility.

A tourist spent three weeks in intensive care. Despite the help, she developed postoperative complications, and her condition worsened. The attending physician decided to transport the insured to Russia in connection with the duration of treatment and cost, which may not be able to cover insurance.

The result of the insurance company ERV took care of all expenses in providing medical care and transportation within the insurance sum of 100 thousand euros (7.9 million rubles). Hospitalization and operation cost about 70 thousand euros, the plane of the aircraft and transportation to a hospital of Chelyabinsk — 30 thousand euros.

In August, the insurance company ERV has made a rating of the countries in which the Russians often sought medical help in the first half of 2018. Leading position in the number of insurance claims has taken the most popular among Russian tourists in the direction of Turkey. Here for medical care was treated almost half of travelers (46 percent).

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