Online publication rescued a dying traveler life


Stacy eno and Michael Lightfoot: Stacy eno

A native of USA, living in Lisbon, Mikey, Lythcott (Mikey Lythcott) survived a serious accident due to the fact that quickly wrote a post asking for help Facebook. It is reported by CNN.

36-year-old man went to the Indonesian island of Bali with her friend, Stacy eno (Eno Stacey). During the trip on the scooter, the man lost control and the vehicle with passengers fell into a ravine.

When he awoke, Lythcott realized that he saw nothing, slowly slides down and cannot move the left hand. Eno spoke up, and she was too immobile.

Lythcott, found the phone, opened the Facebook app, and noted that it is in danger. The man was an avid traveler and had many friends in the social network. His first post saw a friend from Brooklyn, where they met in Nepal. She called the victim and asked him to send a label with location and connected to the other of his buddies from Facebook.

The joint efforts of friends from different countries were able to detect the exact location of the accident and sent the data to the local Consulate. As a result of Lakota and eno was found by rescuers and sent them to the hospital. And the traveler, and his companion, doctors discovered multiple fractures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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