Predicted the occurrence of a devastating megatsunami


Photo: Reuters

Scientists at the University of Washington in Tacoma (USA) came to the conclusion that global warming will be more likely to occur megatsunami like the one that occurred in October 2015 in the South-East of Alaska. Then the landslide caused a wave height of 182 meters. This publication reports Science Alert.

According to the researchers, the disaster has led to the melting of the glacier Tyndall in Taan fjord. In the period 1961-1991 years the ice has retreated 16 km, and their thickness was reduced to 300 meters. Thus, gone was the pillar supporting the mountain slopes, which in the end led to a massive landslide. Because the area of the fjord is small, then a large amount descended species led to the emergence of a large wave, propagating at the speed of 96.5 kilometers per hour.

Although the disaster caused casualties, scientists fear that in the future such an event may occur when in the fjord will be the ship with tourists. The risk increases every year because of climate change contribute to the widespread melting of glaciers and increased frequency of landslides. Such an event occurred in Greenland in 2017, when the tremors triggered a landslide and a 90-meter wave that killed at least four people. However, the threats are also large pieces of ice detached from the glaciers and falling into the bays.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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