The British retaliated to the former and severely poisoned his aquarium fishes


Photo: Mikhail Mordasov / RIA Novosti

The Briton, Reynoldson Serena (Serena Reynoldson) took revenge on former partner, brutally killing his aquarium fish. About it reports The Telegraph.

35-year-old woman recorded a video dedicated to John Fitzpatrick, in which she slowly and painfully kills the fish in the aquarium pouring a liter of bleach. The footage, published by The Sun, show how after being hit by a poison in a container of aquarium fish begin to thrash from side side, and then die. At this time Serena says “Die, die, die, die!” and threatens John that he would get to his pet snake.

After receiving the video, a former partner of the British woman sued her in court, at the same time showing shooting the RSPCA, who subsequently appeared for the prosecution. Serena was sentenced to 18 weeks in jail, 15 days of compulsory work, fined £ 415 (37 thousand) for moral damage and legal costs to Fitzpatrick. Woman banned for life to have aquarium fish. On the court, Reynoldson claimed to have been exposed to high levels of stress and anxiety, and the fish loved her four children.

“The levels of bleach can be fatal to fish — one ounce of bleach per 50 gallons of water. And here we see that bleach added to a liter or more. For fish, it meant terrible suffering, they were suffering before his death,” said Prosecutor Simon white (Simon White).

Earlier it was reported the diver who entered the shark into a trance in the eyes of her relatives. He loaded her into a state of thanatose when the animals represent the death, until the danger passes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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