The U.S. delegation called the Crimean referendum legitimate


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The representative of the American public organization “Center of civil initiatives” Sylvia Demarest upheld the referendum on status of Crimea. She stated this during a visit to the Peninsula, reports on Friday, September 7, RIA Novosti.

“I’m a lawyer by education. I understand that what happened in Crimea in 2014 was the will of the people and the expression of the right to self-determination, that everything was conducted in the framework of the law,” she said.

Demarest promised to share their insights at home, and also questioned the fact that Crimea will ever return to the Ukraine.

The U.S. delegation of four people will stay on the Peninsula for three days.

The Crimea became part of Russia following the results of the popular vote in March 2014. Almost all of the region’s residents — 97 percent — voted for this decision. Most countries do not recognize the results of the plebiscite, Kyiv calls the annexation of Crimea occupation, Moscow stressed that the referendum was conducted in compliance with all international norms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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