US accused of neglecting antirossiyskie sanctions


Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters

The US continues to do business with Russia despite anti-Russian sanctions. While Washington is putting pressure on Europe to respect restrictive measures. This writes the journalist of the German newspaper Handelsblatt Andre Ballin.

The staff of the publication notes that the American company Orbital ATK has purchased rocket engines from Energomash. “In this case, the commercial benefit took precedence over politics, because the development of its engine will cost the USA three billion dollars”, — the journalist wrote.

Also, the US is discussing with Russia the possibility of purchasing the American law enforcement agencies handguns of the type “Wasp”, produced by tehmash. Ballin writes that such transactions are unacceptable to the Americans on “principle.”

“Perhaps that is why in Europe, so resist the decrees from the White house on bilateral energy projects with Russia”, —concludes the author.

In early August, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert reported the introduction of new sanctions against Russia due to the use of chemical weapons and violations of international law.

The first unit was introduced on August 22. He suggests a complete ban on exports to Russia of electronic devices and components of dual use. The second set of sanctions introduced with a delay of three months and involves lowering the level of diplomatic relations, withdrawal of permission for Aeroflot to make flights to the USA, and also the almost complete cessation of trade between the countries.

3 September it became known that the EU to extend individual sanctions against individuals and legal entities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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