US sanctions hit the Iranian diapers


Photo: John Moore / Getty Images

In Iran in recent weeks, actively growing prices on diapers, so the locals have to move to reusable. It is reported by Al-Monitor.

As writes the edition, because of US sanctions and the devaluation of the national currency, the Rial suffer including Iranian manufacturers that use imported raw materials. Their product is often just hangs on the border. In addition, the lack of raw materials led to the suspension of production in several companies. Experts say that at least 10 Iranian companies operating in this field, are now on the verge of bankruptcy.

In this regard, ordinary Iranians have to switch to using reusable cloth diapers. According to them, their cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, but the other choice is not there due to lack of funds.

The publication reports that officials promised to solve the problem of shortage, but predicted a further rise in prices. The issue drew the attention including Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. He pointed out that the US sanctions are administered in order to infuriate ordinary people and turn them against the government.

Sanctions against Iran were renewed U.S. in August of this year. In addition to a number of trade restrictions, they do contain a prohibition to issue sovereign Eurobonds and conduct significant transactions in local currency, the Riyal using the foreign accounts.

All these prohibitions have acted earlier, but were suspended in 2015 as part of the agreement on the nuclear deal between Tehran and the six countries-mediators: the USA, Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK. In may 2018 the US President Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the transaction unilaterally. None of the parties to the transaction did not support it.

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