Zakharchenko wanted to see at the head of the DNI


Natalia and Alexander Zaharchenko: Sergey Averin / RIA Novosti

One of the candidates on elections of the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) can be Natalia Zakharchenko, the widow of the first head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. The radio station “Moscow speaking” said Alexander Kazakov, Advisor to Zakharchenko.

“Natalya Vladimirovna — person is so serious, no wonder she fought with her husband” — he said.

For the post of head of DND, according to him, can also claim the Chairman of the National Council of the Republic of Denis Pushilin, has been appointed acting head of the DNI, Vice-premiers Dmitry Trapeznikov and Alexander Timofeyev, and the “people’s Governor” Donetsk region Pavel Gubarev.

According to Kazakova, if earlier, the idea of holding, in DND the elections were constantly postponed because, according to him, Zakharchenko candidacy was uncontested, after the death of the first head of the Republic, the situation changed.

Natalia Zakharchenko after the death of her husband, as reported by NTV, in uniform and with a black bandage on her head came to the forefront in the Donbass, where militias have promised support. “If anyone has any questions, problems, requests. Consider that you turn to him, if someone is shy” she said, adding that he wants to avenge the murder of her husband.

September 7, DNI changed the power. Deputy Prime Minister Trapeznikov, who became acting head of the Republic after the death of Zakharchenko 31 August, at the request of the Prosecutor General was deprived of his new powers. The Republic was entrusted to the Chairman of the people’s Council Denis Pushilin. In addition, the Parliament called early elections, it is scheduled for November 11.

Against the background of these news became known about the departure for Russia entourage Zakharchenko, including Deputy Prime Minister and Timofeev Advisor Kazakova. According to the latter, they went to participate in the event, which the writer Zakhar Prilepin organizes in memory of the deceased first leader of the DNI.

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