Disclosed the reason for the emergency landing of Boeing-737 at Sochi


Photo: Catherine Lyzlov/ RIA “Novosti”

The reason of emergency landing Boeing 737 airline UTair Sochi September 1 became a sharp gust of wind, in fact vytolkali aircraft beyond the runway (runway). About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources close to the investigation of the incident.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, flight and entering the plane landing has passed in a regular mode. “The problem of the crew came suddenly, before the earth, when Boeing already dropped to about hundreds of meters long and went almost to the beginning of runway No. 6. At this point, his speed has increased dramatically, and the car, instead of continuing decline, raced forward,” he said.

According to experts, working with “black boxes”, right next to the surface plane was in the area of strong tail wind, a speed of about 20 meters per second. This wind is actually “pushed” Boeing outside of the runway, causing the flight of staff of the landing point was 1300 meters. Besides, with the speeding.

As a result, the aircraft did not stop on the runway, and rolled over and fell into the bed of the Mzymta river. Boeing have broken off the landing gear, the left wing came off and it caught fire. The explosion was avoided due to the fact that burning kerosene took the river water and also owing to the efficient work of rescuers.

The accident injured 20 people out of 170 passengers. In addition, from a heart attack died participating in their evacuation by airport personnel. The plane has completely collapsed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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