Musk with pot caused suspicion in the United States air force


Elon Musk Frame: PowerfulJRE / YouTube

The US air force can deprive the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon musk of access to state secrets because they used live cant with the drug. About it writes The Verge.

Clarifies that the military is studying the situation, however, the investigation has not yet opened. The US air force drew attention to consume a drug Mask, as his company SpaceX performs space launches for ordering them, and the founder of the company has access to classified information.

September 7, the behavior of the Mask is 4 percent cheaper shares the world’s largest manufacturer of electric Tesla.

Musk has used marijuana and drank her whiskey live podcast Joe Rogan Experience. He said that rarely does so, because it does not bring any effect. He also said that he believes the drug is harmful to their productivity.

In mid-August, The New York Times Musk spoke about the strengths fatigue because of work in the last year. Later the same edition with reference to sources in the Board of Directors of Tesla wrote that Musk from time to time uses recreational drugs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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