In Crimea refused to exchange the water on the recognition of “occupation” by Russia


The North-Crimean Canaletto: Taras Litvinenko / RIA Novosti

In the Crimea refused to accept the “provocation” of Ukraine about the resumption of water supply to the Peninsula in exchange for recognition of the territory temporarily occupied by Russia. This was stated in an interview with RT Deputy state Council of the Crimea Vladislav Hangar.

According to him, the same proposal of the government of Ukraine addressed to the Crimea in the period of his energy blockages. “The authorities are then also offered to resume supplies in return for the agreements to be signed, Crimea will call the subject and part of Ukraine”, — he explained.

The politician said that Crimea did without water from the North Crimean canal for four years. “Despite the fact that a water problem exists, its solution implemented various measures. And Ukraine is not even worth to discuss this issue, because it is not capable of normal contractual relations”, — concluded the Deputy.

Earlier, on 9 September, the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Yury Grymchak called the condition of resumption of water supply to the Crimea. He said that the Russian authorities will have “to go to the Ukraine and to recognize the fact of occupation of Crimea”. Only after that Kiev is ready to discuss with Moscow, “as they will cost the water.”

Problems with water supply in the Crimea began after joining Russia in the referendum in 2014. Ukraine has blocked the supply of water to the Peninsula. In 2017 in the Kherson region earned a dam that allowed people to get water in the North-Crimean channel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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