Became known the fate of the increased pensions of deputies


Photo: Dmitry Dukhanin / Kommersant

The bill is about voluntary refusal of deputies from increased pension was supported by the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, reports TASS.

“Bill, I think my colleagues and I will definitely support,” he said. This Volodin noted that the document given to clarifying the wording, which suggests that “members have the right to refuse allowances, and this is the crux of the law.”

The opportunity to voluntarily abandon the preferences exists in the current legislation but, as said Volodin, it is possible to withdraw the statement. Clarification of the wording suggested by the Chairman of the state Duma, “is required for those who first one decision, then starts to ponder whether he did”.

“Once is enough to weigh and decide, that right at deputies should be,” he said.

A bill providing for the abolition of the pension preferences for MPs, was introduced by the party “United Russia”. At the meeting of the General Council of the party on 20 August, is dedicated to changing the pension system, the Chairman of the Board Andrey Turchak invited colleagues to “start with yourself” and to amend the law on status of member of Federation Council and state Duma Deputy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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