Busted in the airplane toilets has forced passengers to use the bottles


Photo: Silas Stein / DPA / Globallookpress.com

Passengers of American Airlines flying to Hawaii, had to use the packages and bottles after the toilet on Board is clogged due to flushed the diaper. About it reports Fox News.

One woman wanted to use the restroom, but are unable to do this due to a broken toilet. Then the stewardess walked up to her, called the situation “dreadful” and offered the package. “I mean to go to the toilet in a bag?” — astonishment asked the passenger. “I know it’s awful, but men have already used the bottles,” replied the stewardess.

On Board with a clogged toilet was 187 passengers, but the pilots made an unscheduled landing and landed in Hawaii. Representatives of the airline confirmed a problem with the toilets on this flight and was told that the destination was the closest, although it remained two hours.

Earlier on August 16, the plane of American airline Delta flight from new York to nice, because clogged toilets turned around half way instead of flying to destination. At the time of breakage of the toilet of the Boeing 767-400 was in flight for three hours and flew to France, however, the pilot decided to deploy the ship and fly the same amount in the opposite direction to troubleshoot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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