Drunk friendly Ukrainians arrived in the Crimea and regretted it


Photo: Sergei Yermokhin / “Kommersant”

Border guards detained two drunk Ukrainian fishermen illegally moored to coast of the Crimea near the village of Stefanivka Dzhankoysky district, reports “Interfax” with reference to the border Department of the FSB in the Republic.

“Foreign nationals reported that, out fishing, decided deliberately to approach to coast of the Crimea to establish friendly relations and exchange of experience with the Crimean fishermen,” — said in the message.

The fishermen said that they are residents of the Ukrainian village of Strilkove (Kherson region). On Board the boat, the border guards found about 20 kilograms of fish. It is noted that both of the traveller, according to Russian law, detained for up to 48 hours to confirm their identities, establish all the circumstances of the offense and “fully sober”.

In late July, the Russian border guards fined a man for attempting to illegally enter the Crimea through the Ukrainian border on a makeshift raft made of planks and plastic bottles. At itself it had a passport, military ID, travel backpack with clothes and provisions, a few Bank cards, phones, flash cards and a video camera. His decision to go to bypass the checkpoint, he explained the fascination of extreme tourism and attempt to climb Everest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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