Europe will toughen the fight against the laundering of money from Russia


Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

The EU will toughen the fight against the laundering of criminal cash flows, including from Russia and CIS countries. Reported by the Financial Times, citing a source in the European Commission.

As it became known publication, the European banking Association (EBA) will give additional resources to the investigation of the laundering of money obtained illegally. The European Prosecutor is empowered to prosecute. Previously the duties of the office included only the investigation of financial crimes related to the use of the budget of European countries.

In particular, we plan to investigate the origin of more than 30 billion dollars, which came to Europe from Russia and CIS countries via Estonian Danske Bank. At the moment, money laundering checks, the banks, the European Central Bank, but its activities are not included in the European program to combat illicit criminal operations.

From 2025, the Prosecutor’s office, the EU will have the right to initiate proceedings on the financing of terrorist activities. The initiative was approved by 22 of the 28 EU countries for a final decision requires the consent of all members of the Union.

In early September it was reported that about $ 30 billion from Russia and former USSR countries went through the Estonian branch of Danske Bank in 2013. The volume of the discovered resources in a small branch of the Bank looks suspicious, the source said.

In March 2017, the UK has started checking national banks to participate in money laundering from Russia. In November this process was connected to France. After the poisoning of a former intelligence officer of the GRU, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, in which Britain accuses Russia of London published a report to Parliament about the corruption of Russian businessmen and threatened to reveal the names of the Russians hiding money in the British offshore. According to the parliamentarians, “President Putin and his allies continue to hide in London their corrupt income.”

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