In the United States named seven of the worst carriers in the world


Photo: Reuters

The American edition of Business Insider named seven of the worst, according to the newspaper, the existing aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers of the world.

The list begins with the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, which is an updated Soviet ship Varyag. Followed by the only Russian (formerly Soviet) aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which refers to the same type as the “Varyag”. The publication notes that the Soviet ships there are problems with power plants.

Third place goes to the Thai Chakri Naruebet, which is actually not used for the intended purpose and is idle in the port. Next comes the American amphibious assault ship Wasp, designed to accommodate the F-35B Lightning II, but almost not used so far.

The fifth and sixth places are owned by Australian carriers. Two ships of the Canberra due to problems with the propulsion system are under repair. Completes the list of the most expensive and powerful in the world aircraft carrier, us Gerald Ford, who, being commissioned in July 2017, a few times went for repair.

Business Insider notes that “at least 42 of commissioned aircraft carriers serve not less than 14 navies around the world.”

In February the American magazine The National Interest have included the “Admiral Kuznetsov” in the five of the worst carriers in the world’s history has ever launched.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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