Pensions Russians again “freeze”


Photo: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

“Freezing” of the pension system will last at least a year longer than originally planned up to 2021, inclusive, said labour Minister Maxim Topilin, quoted by TASS.

“They [the Finance Ministry] will, most likely, again, the “freeze” for another year, until 2021,” — said Topilin.

In his words, otherwise the Ministry of Finance will have to transfer to the Pension Fund to recover losses that will go to private pension funds or management company of the Bank. However, such a transfer is not provided in the planned budget.

“”Freeze” “recopilaci” goes every year, it is now up to 2020. We are in the budget of the Pension Fund money for these purposes did not include, therefore, most likely, the Finance Ministry will introduce a bill to nullify the tariff, and in 2021,” said the Minister.

For the first time, the funded part of pension frozen in 2014. The money was sent to the Pension Fund together with the insurance part. In the future, “freezing” has been renewed annually, and in 2017, a law was passed that it be extended by three years until 2020 inclusive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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